RAR Nano-Texturing Of Integrator Facets Enables Increased Transmission At Higher Power Density!

TelAztec’s RAR nano-texture technology can significantly reduce reflection levels for a variety of optics, irrespective of size and geometry. The patented plasma etching process has proven to be effective over a wide range of aspect ratios, from fiber end caps to long glass rods. Pictured above is Hayden Small measuring the laser transmission of 100mm long RAR nano-textured fused quartz rods.  Below is a data plot displaying the total measured spectral reflection of RAR nano-textured end facets on 100mm, 75mm, and 25mm long rods.  The inset photo gives a side-by-side visual comparison of 4mm diameter end facets on 100mm fused quartz rods – one with RAR nano-texturing and two untreated. The rods are coupled to a black absorber plate with index-matching fluid and positioned so that the overhead light fixture is reflecting off of all three the surfaces.  The untreated end facets exhibit the expected reflective properties characteristic of standard fused quartz, while the anti-reflective properties of the RAR nano-textured end facet are demonstrated by the deep black appearance.

Optical components with this type of unique form factor can find use in demanding applications – two examples being integrator rods for digital projection, and homogenizer rods for high energy lasers.  The optical performance, reliability, and lifetime of these critical components can be improved substantially by replacing the traditional thin film anti-reflective coatings on the end facets with TelAztec’s RAR nano-texture. 

The RAR nano-texturing process is easily adaptable to fit any shape or surface profile, and TelAztec is well equipped to accommodate custom requests for nano-textured optics of unconventional shapes and sizes. TelAztec can provide a turn-key solution by sourcing precision optics from a network of qualified fabricators and delivering a finished product complete with RAR that meets all customer specifications.  Alternatively, TelAztec can nano-texture existing un-coated optics from a customer’s inventory as a service, and has a growing selection of stock windows, lenses, and fiber end caps available for purchase with fast delivery! 

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