RAR Nano-Texture Variants

The performance band of RAR Nano-textured optics directly correlates to texture depth and can be easily tuned to meet your requirements. choose from one of the standard commercial variants below or contact us for custom requests!

RAR-S: R<0.1% 400-500nm, R<0.05% 250-360nm, & R<0.5% @ 550nm
RAR-S1: R<0.1% 300-400nm, R<0.05% 450-550nm, & R<0.5% @ 700nm
RAR-M: R<0.1% 400-900nm, R<0.05% 770-820nm, & R<0.5% @ 1064nm
RAR-L: R<0.1% 500-900nm, R<0.3% @ 1064nm, R<1.0% @ 1500nm
RAR-L2: R<0.1% 550-800nm, R<0.05% @ 1064nm, and R<0.3% 1250-1500nm
RAR-VL: R<0.1% 600-900nm, R<0.05% 1050-1300nm, and R<0.3% 1400-1600nm
RAR-XL: R<0.1% 700-1000nm, R<0.05% 1100-1650nm

Contact our experts to find the perfect RAR nano-texture variant for your application

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