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  • TelAztec is a technology development and transfer company founded in 2000 that is focused on the design and fabrication of nanometer-scale microstructures with unique optical functionality. Specializing in textures that provide anti-reflection (AR) and color or polarization filtering, TelAztec’s mission is to provide optical systems designers with options for enhancing the performance, lifetime, durability, or laser power handling capability of a window or optic. Nano-textures are etched directly into - or replicated onto - a window or optic material, replacing conventional thin film material coatings where for most applications, the benefits of a single material solution are obtained with comparable or reduced costs.
  • TelAztec’s primary business model is to develop application specific microstructure designs and processes that are subsequently licensed and transferred to larger manufacturing companies. TelAztec is equipped to produce prototype devices and to accommodate pilot or low volume manufacturing during a typical product proof of concept phase. A technology license can include a complete technology transfer, allowing production of final product or production of replication master tooling to be done at the customer site. Another option is for TelAztec to fabricate and license only the master tooling that is used for volume replication, similar to business models used in the DVD mastering business. TelAztec has entered into license agreements for both AR and optical filter microstructures designed for applications such as liquid crystal displays, infrared sensors, high power lasers, advanced lithography systems, and passive optical filters.





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